Meeting since 1939 to keep the family spirit alive.

The official von Rosenberg Family of Texas organization was established May 7, 1939 in Round Top, Texas when the first family reunion was held in an effort to get descendants of Peter Carl von Rosenberg and his two wives Johanna Dorothea Froelich and Amanda Fallier together to organize, get acquainted and form an official family reunion. Quoted from one of the newspapers:

"Descendants of Peter Carl von Rosenberg Have Reunion Sunday"

"Arranging the first annual reunion of descendants of Peter Carl von Rosenberg, who emigrated to Texas from Germany in 1849, 150 men, women, and children gathered in Round Top on Sunday for a day of picnicking. What proved to be of unusual interest was a display of relics having historical bearing on the original forebear. The display was overshadowed, however, by the reading of old letters and newspaper clippings, replete with extraordinary material.”

Our annual reunion occurs the third weekend of July at Camp Lone Star in La Grange, Texas. The reunion is a great opportunity to come visit with cousins near and far, make new friends, have fun, and learn about the family - past and present.


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